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  • Two Words You Should Never Tell a Boy.....

  • "If you cry again I am going to take you back home!" That is what I told my almost 4 year old son on Wednesday night around 8:00pm. We were riding bikes and he was in that overtired state where he could hardly contain his emotions. He was crying. He was whining at his sister. It had been a long day at work for me. I wasn't handling my emotions very well either. And actually, as the[...]
  • Don't Wait for Your Job to Do Self-Care for You! It Starts With You

  • One of the core beliefs that I have as a therapist is that people have to address four areas of their lives: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I talk about this with all my clients and in the talks I give. And I practice this in my own life. Do you address these four core areas? Failure to do so can often leave us feeling depressed, anxious, and not thriving in our personal and relat[...]