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  • Embracing Our Anxiety

  • I firmly believe as I have stated in many places, that our anxiety is a great opportunity for our growth. One of the first chapters in my book is about this idea of "embracing anxiety." I know that anxiety can come in many forms and whatever you are experiencing, I want to acknowledge that, and let you know that I'm not minimizing that experience. I've experienced anxiety that made my feel a li[...]
  • How to Build a Thriving Therapy Practice

  • It is not unusual for me to get about 5-6 messages a month from people who want to meet up either in person, or on the phone, to talk about building a therapy practice. For whatever reason these people have found what I'm doing as a therapist in private practice appealing, and they are curious to pick my brain about it. I love this. I consider it a great honor and privilege that other gradua[...]
  • My Journey with Anxiety -- What is Your Journey?

  • I have had a long journey with anxiety. And I can honestly say that I'm thankful for the anxiety that I have wrestled with. I don't think I could, or would have said that while in the midst of my journey. But at times I can step back from it, gain some perspective -- and see that it was in the times that I was truly anxious that I grew the most as a person. Anxiety comes in all forms. It [...]