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  • Anxiety Reimagined: Could Anxiety Be a Friend in Your Life to Help You Grow?

  • "If God had not meant for me to be anxious, then He would have called me to some other vocation that didn't require weekly preaching, an activity that was a constant reminder of my ongoing struggle with stuttering. What if, instead, God wanted me to be anxious? What is He was wanting me to lean into Him and be dependent upon His strength, rather than my weakness Rather than running away from it[...]
  • Stuck in an Anxiety Rut

  • "Looking back at our families of origin and remembering these details can be a scary process for many people. Sometimes we are not quite sure what we will discover or remember, and that can leave us feeling anxious. That is normal. When we look back, and really try to sort through our relationships and experiences with our family, the intention is not to place blame or punish others. One of the th[...]