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  • What Are You and Your Spouse Really Fighting About?

  • I've posted before that when couples fight, the argument is rarely about the issue. We think we are talking about money. Or sex. Or parenting. Or in-laws. But it rarely is about those things. Before long (usually within a few seconds) we are questioning whether or not we are valued or have worth. We are questioning whether or not we are loved and accepted. We are wondering if we are a failu[...]
  • How to Build a Thriving Therapy Practice: Office Space

  • One of the first things that people do when they walk into my therapy office is comment how nice it is. They talk about how relaxing it feels...often finishing their observations with a comment something along the lines of "it doesn't even feel like I'm coming to counseling." Which was exactly my intention from the outset. If you are going to go to counseling, well it shouldn't feel like a medi[...]
  • Healing Our Disconnection

  • "I want to think more about what connecting is and why I believe it is at the center of powerful relationships. If connecting is at the center of healing, then disconnecting must be at the core of what needs healing. In our therapeutic way of thinking, we're more inclined to regard emotional forces, often unconscious, as the culprit behind the problems we face. Psychological dynamics active dee[...]