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  • Two Technology Tips That Will Transform Your Relationships

  • I love technology. Cue Napoleon Dynamite. Technology has helped me connect to some amazing people and transformed a lot of the way that I work, write, speak, etc. But technology has also come at a cost. Many times it has left me feeling more stressed out and anxious. And it has often...unfortunately, been a hindrance and caused issue with some of my most important relationships. Often I find m[...]
  • Ever Have Trouble Putting Your Phone Down to be Present With Others?

  • I think we can all can agree that technology is a huge influence in the shaping of our lives and relationships. That's why I'm a huge believer in placing healthy boundaries around our technology. It's something I have been writing about for about 6 years, especially after being heavily influenced by the work of my friend John Dyer in his book, From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupt[...]
  • Daily Dose #5: "Maintaining Relational Presence in a Technological World"

  • I recently just wrote the article, Maintaining Relational Presence in a Technological World, for the Fuller Youth Institute. In the article I quote a comment from a nun in Ronald Rolheiser's book, The Restless Heart: My vocation is, at each moment, to make the person in front of me the most important person in my life. As we are immersed more and more in the use of technology, it's becoming cru[...]
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