Yeah, I know we are all now officially wanting, or bet yet, coveting the new Apple iPhone. I’m not usually the gadget/tech guy waiting for the new releases, but everyone I knew, including myself was either watching the keynote or super excited about the new announcement. Very sweet phone!

This is the last time I buy anything before Steve Jobs is about to make big announcements. In December of 2005 I bought the Powerbook G4, and then a month later he introduces the new MacBooks.

Then, I shop six months for a phone finally decide that Apple isn’t going to release a phone and so I buy the Blackberry Pearl.pearl.jpg

Shows you what I know. The price is pretty high for the iPhone so maybe in the future the price may drop and it will be more affordable.



  1. by Aaron on January 14, 2007  1:25 am Reply

    You made the right choices. The first Intel MacBook Pros had issues and the newer ones are much better with the Core 2 Duo instead of Core Duo, lot's of bug fixes and battery issues. The demos of the iPhone were very controlled, it's very expensive, you have no buttons, battery life is yet to be experiences, etc. Wait till you need the next phone or laptop and they will be much better. There really isn't much new in this phone.

    My phone works a lot like the iPhone in some ways, just try dialing while driving without any buttons. Not too easy.

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